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 Sorry I haven't been on

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PostSubject: Sorry I haven't been on   Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:54 pm

It's been like what 3 weeks. Well here's my summer tale. A few weeks ago my mom went on this retreat or something with her friends from dance class and my dad saw this as a opportunity for a fishing trip with his brother (my uncle). They both left on Tuesday (My mom was to return on Wednesday of the next week and my dad on Sunday morning). So I took this as a chance for me and my girlfriend to do some bonding. So on Wednesday my girlfriend told her dad she was going to her friends house and he said okay then she came over my house. She spent the night till Friday and over that time we went to the movies, hung out, played some games, we even had this mini competition to see who was the better cook. I prepared dinner one night, She prepared dinner a night and the other night we went to O Charly's we were going to vote who prepared the best food (We both voted O Charley's). There was no sex so I am either really committed or failed really hard (knowing you guys, you will say I failed for random "buttsecks"). Anyway my girlfriend went to her friends house on Saturday and my Dad came on Sunday afternoon. We both don;t talk much so it was kinda silent till Monday night. We were fixing (Well I was fixing Chicken tenders him Fish) And I don't know who's started it, but one of ours started a damn grease fire in the kitchen (never knew that could really happen <_<) We were both upstairs looking at 12 rounds while this was going on and we smelt smoke. We were able to stop it for the most part but it destroyed the food, and most of the kitchen. The fire department came and everything and after some talk and them checking what started it/make sure everything was okay/make sure nothing could reheat and start another fire/etc. they left. When my mom arrived late a few days later she was so pissed at us. By this time we had rearranged some stuff to try and make it look better to no avail. Anyway after my mom got over her rage she saw this as a chance to redecorate. So she went to Brandsmart and various places and started picking out things. Also she redid the tiles and counter (which were mostly unharmed). The first day the workers got there (Saturday I believe) It was 3 of them and they were making so much noise me and my mom stayed a hotel where a Family reunion would happen about a week later. My Dad stayed because well someone had to. A few days passed and my Dad payed the people and everything and when me and mom got their she bought a bunch of platinum items. Platinum refrigerator, platinum dishwasher, etc. We had one day to pack for my mom's family reunion which is every two years and was being hosted in Atlanta this year. I easily packed and I could've came on then but I thought it would be rude to come on for like a hour then leaving for five days. Anyway we stayed at the hotel that we were at the week before (we had to repack because before we had just jeans and T-shirt and my mom mainly sundress type crap and hardly any make up). Anyway the family reunion turned out to be fun. I met some fun family members kids and adults alike. Me and my aunt bonded when my key became defective and I couldn't get in my room. I went to the front desk for another one but my mom put down only she was in that room (so it would be cheaper I guess). So I went to my aunts room eventually I found my mother at like 1 at night <_< We had a family picnic with games and barbecue, a family banquet with suits, interpretive dance, wigs, and nice food. We had a family church with my auntie leading it since she was a preacher. We had a meet and greet with name tags so you didn't seem like a idiot not knowing their name. Overall it was fun. I came back yesterday but I just chilled and finished this crappy AMV from like 2 years ago, Played Trace Memory some and watched a Rosanne Marathon. Anyway that's my tale post here if you have any questions please don't have any questions. Crying or Very sad
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Sorry I haven't been on
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