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 Windows 7: Ahh Much Better..

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Imma Nimma


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PostSubject: Windows 7: Ahh Much Better..   Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:34 pm

Now I know most of you don't really care, but that's alright. I can still blab on about this interesting new operating system. So be prepared for a little what you might call a "review", Imma style.

The first thing I noticed about this new operating system was the new task bar. It has such a touchy feey feeling like a mac when you first boot it up. A one click start up program type thing. All the tabs you remember as windows are now hidden in one single icon on the task bar next to the start button. It could be cool to a person who likes it, but for those who don't (Like me), you can change it back to regular. Here's a snapshot of my desktop:

Another interesting thing about the background, you can set up to 3 pictures to change in a set time interval. Well hey, I thought it was cool. You can also choose different sounds, or like me, you can customize it to your own sounds and actually save it as a theme. Super awesome right?

Windows 7 has compatibility mode for programs that were meant to run on previous OS versions of windows. The difference from vista is that it actually does something. Otherwise my Age of Empires II wouldn't run, and I would be very very VERY sad.

Windows 7 kinda retained the feel of Vista all together, but 7 is much faster than vista. It's so much faster, I'm serious. It can't go unnoticed. Not to mention, it's efficient. Let's just say I was running Windows Vista Home Premium x64, it usually used 1.5 GB of ram on startup, Windows 7 Home Premium x64 only uses about 850 MB on startup.

All together, Windows 7 is better than XP, and better than Vista by far. It's not just opinion, it's a fact. Just try it out sometime. I'll post new things I find cool whenever I discover them.
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PostSubject: windows7   Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:25 am

WINDOWS 7 has different versions,sometimes it didn't very good.before we use it,we test a lot.but at last,it comes up many problems.
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Windows 7: Ahh Much Better..
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