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 The Guide to Luigi

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PostSubject: The Guide to Luigi   Sat May 30, 2009 1:04 am

Welcome to Weegee's Guide! Or the guide of the Green Wonder!...?

Ahoy! Ladies, and gentle Brawlers. I am Lazerus or Laz, and I am here to not only showcase, and explain the lovable green plumber, But I am going to give hands-on tips, tricks, and mind game techniques to be a expert at the "WTF" fighting that is Luigi! Now Before I go into moveset list, damage ratio, and tips I just wanted to give you a little background information about Luigi. Luigi is the side-kick, and oldest brother of the duo Mario Brothers. Unlike his brother, Luigi displays cowardliness acts, lack of fame, and very humorous that make him standout from his brother's shadow. Luigi has appeared in many video game titles, and even had his own role as playing the main protagonist in "Luigi's Mansion". Luigi has also been renowned lately due to his appearances on "Super Smash Bro's Brawl", and "Mario Super Strikers". Now enough about Luigi's background, and to the brawling!

Moves, and Smashes
Basic Punch (damage ratio= 3%)- A button
Basic Punch, Punch (damage ratio= 5%)- Ax2 button
Basic Combo (damage ratio= 10%)- Ax3 button
Basic Low kick attack (damage ratio= 9%)- Down+A button
Basic High punch attack (damage ratio= 9%)- Up+A button
Basic Round house kick (damage ratio= 10%)- Forward+A Button
Projectile-Green Fireballs (damage ratio= 6%, and distance= 4ins from Luigi's position)- B button *NOTE- Can be reflected, and used as anti-air*
Famous Uppercut (damage ratio= 1% if miss landed, if landed correctly instant KO, or 25%)- Up+B button *NOTE- This move acts as a last resort recovery*
Green Missile (damage ratio=26%, if fully charged, less then that if too earlier)- Forward+B button *NOTE- Can act as secondary recovery, instant KO, and also can get stuck in walls specific stages*
Green Whirlwind (damage ratio= 12% if fully caught in attack)- Down+B button *NOTE- Can act as speed attack, and also be used to send foes into the air*
Judo Chop! (damage ratio= 19% fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Forward+A button *NOTE- This attack can switch to medium, high, or low attack depending how user lets go of stick*
Leg sweeper (damage ratio= 22% if fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Down+A button *NOTE- A good area effect attack, and quick*
Head Banger (damage ratio= 21% if fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Up+A button *NOTE- This move can be a anti-air KO if landed perfect*
Mighty Foot (damage ratio= 6%)- While in mid-air, A button
Karate Chop! (damage ratio= 10%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button *NOTE- Can be repeated many times, till landed*
Backwards kick (damage ratio= 12%)- While in mid-air, facing opposite way, backward+A button
MC Flippy (damage ratio= 13%)- While in mid-air, Up+A button *NOTE- Can send rivals further to their deaths*
Twister (damage ratio= 11%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button *NOTE- Can send others to their deaths down under*
Tricks, and Tips

OK, with that longggggggggggggggg list done.. We can move on to the tasty things you can do with Luigi while in combat!

#1- Always be RANDOM! Luigi is one of those unpredictable characters that can make most foes either laugh, or shiver in thier tighty whites Sad
So It is always necessary to mix up your attacks!

#2- Love color green? Love fireballs? Love Spam? Then fireballs it is! Now I do not recommend spamming the green balls at people, and as much as that sounds flamboyant, and funny its true. The fireballs are good for 2 main objectives; (1) to stall a charging enemy (2) to reflect a opposing projectile.

#3- Missiles Ahoy! Yes, the missile is one of the most deadliest of Luigi's arsenal, and can prove to be a mind game with your foe. It not only reflects the strongest of attacks, But if your enemy is hit directly either on ground or air it can mean large amounts of bitching or KO! So mix it up, and use to to confuse your enemy. Plus it can be the best recovery around, sense it fires Luigi right back on the platform stages.

4#- Taunt? Now I know I didn't mention the taunt damage in the move, and smashes list, But it is a special attack that Luigi can do if extremely close to his rivals. It will either send them lunching, or if lucky! SPIKE!

5#- Last tip... HAVE FUN! Luigi is a hoax character, and a overall great brawler! He is a fan fave, and he can make even the most grumpy of jerks crack a smile, or giggle!

Well Thanks guys for your support, and Hope I was able to help
some of you out!, and Remember!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Luigi   Fri Jun 19, 2009 7:23 pm

Thanks for the Guide! What a Face
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The Guide to Luigi
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