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 The Guide to Marth

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PostSubject: The Guide to Marth   Sat May 30, 2009 4:55 am

The Lord of Charm!, The Lord of Swordplay!, The Lord of Brawl!!!!!!!!!!! king

Hello again! Welcome boys, and girls to another guide by Lazerus, or Laz. I am here today to advocate Marth!, and to not only showoff his royalty, But his skills, and sword slashing style! Now of course we need to talk about Marth's background. Most of the readers will have no clue unless you have played the "Fire Emblem" series. It is a turn-base style game which Marth is staring protagonist. Marth's sad story is revolved around his kingdom Altea. When his beloved home was butchered, he became a heroic rebellion leader, and in hopes to retain his lost land, and sister. Marth's personality varies in the common prince features. Charming, heroic, smart, skilled, and young. Marth is 16 of age, and has some apparent trait in the style of swordplay. Now lets move on to Moves, and Smashes!

Moves, and Smashes
Basic Slash (damage ratio= 4%)- A button
Basic Slash, slash (damage ratio= 8%)- Ax2 button
Basic Low poke (damage ratio= 9%)- Down+A button
Basic Air Slash (damage ratio= 9%)- Up+A button
Basic Front slash (damage ratio= 9%)- Forward+A button
Strong Thrust (damage ratio= 22% when fully charged)- Holding B button *NOTE- Can be use to KO, or quick stage knock off*
Charming Counter (damage ratio= 14% if perfectly countered)- Down+B button *NOTE- This can a great way to avoid damage, and send some back, and it also be used in air combat*
Soaring Slash (damage ratio= 13%)- Up+B button *NOTE- This is Marth's last resort recovery, and if a foe is edge hogging, it can be a good counter for that kind of problem by ledge grabbing, and killing them instead*
Rapid Ribbons (damage ratio= 16%, if combo is completed)- Forward+B (tapping) button *NOTE- This move is a quick combo, and unpredictable. User should abuse this in the event of a small map*
Heavy Slash (damage ratio= 19% fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Forward+A button
Low Slash sweep (damage ratio= 19% fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Down+A button *NOTE- Very good range, But slow*
Upward Stab (damage ratio= 29% fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Up+A button *NOTE- Nasty anti-air, and can KO even low percents early*
Double Twist (damage ratio= 12% if both slashes land)- While in mid-air, A button
Jumping Slasher (damage ratio= 10%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button
Surprising Blade (damage ratio= 11%)- While in mid-air facing the opposite way, backwards+A button
Raining Blade (damage ratio= 12%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button *NOTE- This move can send your rivals down to the pits of loserville*
Elegant wave (damage ratio= 13%)- While in mid-air, Up+A button
Tricks, and Tips

#1- Marth is a speedy little devil! So be fast, be smart, and don't stop! Marth's speed can make a whole difference due to the fact of many brawlers being rangers, and heavy lifters. So keep your foe trying to catch you. Now if your fighting some fast like Sonic, or another Marth be advise to be extremely careful to not rush. Let them come to you. Counters, and your combos will be your allies for that one.

#2- Charging MAH LAZAR! Nah, But in retro spec Marth has "tons" of charges. So its crucial you time them, and learn to use the mat the moment needed. For example; The strong thrust is a deadly KOer, But it can be a risky choice if facing a low percent health fighter. So I would recommend to use it only when edge guarding, or when a enemy would not expect you to do that.

#3- Where is my Roy? Now Marth loves his Roy, But lets face it... He has to team-up with somebody new... Teamwork is another factor Marth is good at. He can not only set up for tasty grabs, but if he lands one of his maneuvers on a helpless victim, then you should go thank your team mate for the grab!

#4- Marth counter's make up for lack of projectiles, and range. They can make a actually pretty decent set up for Soaring slash, and Rapid. So Keep in mind that countering does not waste your shield either! Wink

#5- Be charming! Marth can win the ladies hearts! I love you , But in all seriousness Marth is a very good character to use, just remember! Be fast, be smart, and let your foe do the work!

Well thanks again once more guys, and I will be doing more guides in the near future!!!
Till next time!!
CRITICAL HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Marth   Sat May 30, 2009 12:28 pm

PWEASE!!!!!!!!! no more marth PROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Guide to Marth
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