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 The Guide to Wario

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PostSubject: The Guide to Wario   Sat May 30, 2009 4:05 pm

WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!!! WARIO! The Guide to the crazy garlic biker!

Was UP!? Come on in again for another seek in on guides by your truly Lazerus/Laz! Before we go into detail on this crazy moves, and Smashes list, lets go to the information section of the guide! Wario is youngest of the Evil Wario bros, and he is also to be the arch-rival to Mario. Wario was not very well known till he made some appearances in "Mario Party" series, and he has got so popular in the gaming industry that he decided to make his own series! Wario's series is derived on randomness, and zany fun called "Wariowares". FACT: Garlic is Wario's favorite food! Yes, and he is also a farting, fighting,and out of control biker.... Here is Wario!

Moves, and Smashes
Big fist (damage ratio= 6%)- A button
1-2 Punch (damage ratio= 12%)- Ax2 button
Low poke (damage ratio= 8%)- Down+A button
Party wave! (damage ratio= 10%)- Up+A button
Windup Punch (damage ratio= 13%)- Forward+A button
Slide (damage ratio= 7%)- Hold Forward+A button
CHOMP! (damage ratio= 21%, if fast enough)- B button *NOTE- This is a alternate grab attack, and can be use not only to grabs foes, But to anti-air, and eat items/Projectiles*
Corkscrew (damage ratio= 19%)- Up+B button *NOTE- This is last resort recovery*
Chopper (damage ratio= 10%)- Forward+B button *NOTE- The chopper is one of Wario's secret weapons! It can do numerous of task, and also be great to KO, retreat, or increase your fart. It acts as a back-up recovery, and also can be used for edge guarding*
F.A.R.T (damage ratio= 40%)- Down+B button *NOTE- Mother of all Wario moves.. This mighty attack can not only KO instant, But it can be used as a great recovery, and taunt!*
Pushy? (damage ratio= 26% if fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Forward+A button *NOTE- very very short range, But good KOer*
Head rotate (damage ratio= 21%)- Snap/Holding both Up+A button *NOTE- Cane be treated as a good mind trick, then CHOMP!*
Spin me! (damage ratio= 18% if fully charged)- Snap/Holding both Down+A button *NOTE- Short range, But if air foe lands directly in, then game over*
Belly Flop! (damage ratio= 8%)- While in mid-air, A button
Foot? (damage ratio= 7%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button
Back Flop? (damage ratio= 10%)- While in mid-air, facing the opposite way, Backwards+A button
Clap (damage ratio= 17%)- While in mid-air, Up+A button *NOTE- Not only does this move make a lovely sounds, But it can be a instant KO if used correctly*
Drilly (damage ratio= 16%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button *NOTE- Can be use as a good start off damage*
Tricks, and Tips

#1- KO anyone? If there is anything Wario is good at that would have to be the obvious answer: KOs. Lets see why... F.A.R.T, Pushy, Head rotate, and the classical favorite Clap. So I demand you Wario so get many KOs as this is Wario's true skill.

#2- Wario's chopper is underrated by most who use, or see him. They are mistaken! The chopper can be your best friend, or worst nightmare.. Reason being is it will not only chase your foe down, But it provides you a shield property. It will absorb nasty hits, But the price is you fall off. Now if you are a tactical fighter, then CHOMP! Your bike will be your only friend when it comes to building F.A.R.T, But just be warn.. Your motor will not come back till after 5 seconds. So be ready to defend!

#3- Be unpredictable! Like many other brawlers, Wario is very hard to read! He has many up-close, and personal attacks that make most enemies stay a distance. So use that chopper, and get in thier face with moves they have never seen! for example: Chopper smack, jump off, and come down with a drilly. Once done there pull off a Spin me!, and if he dodges, roll behind him, and CHOMP! Its very easy to scare if the most strongest brawlers like DK, Boswer, and etc.

#4- Though Wario lacks projectiles, he can make due with CHOMP! This move devours "ANYTHING". So do not hesitate to eat bombs, items, your bike, your best friend, your girlfriend! EAT away my friend! :Razz:

#5- More Taunt please! cheers Lets go over the taunts shall we? Laughing at your enemy's face, the infamous WAWAWA!, Milkshake!, and lets not forget the taunt that can also put your enemy down for a brief moment! Mini-f.a.r.t! Suspect

Well guys thats all I got for Mr.Fatty, But stay tune for more Guides, and as always! Thanks for your support, and!
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The Guide to Wario
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