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 The Guide to Sonic

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PostSubject: The Guide to Sonic   Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:49 am

The Guide to the Blue hedgehog!!, Are you ready to go max speed?! SONIC!

HEY GUYS! CAN YOU CATCH ME!? Smile Here to bring you lovely people another dose of Lazerus's yummy guides! Now are target today is Sonic. Of course you know what we do here in this section? right? Information time! Sonic is a obviously blue colored speed machine that is recognize by his usually attire; red shoes, and white gloves. Sonic was made by the company "Sega", and his first appearance was on the "Genesis" "Sonic the hedgehog". He has such a large fan-base that he is now the overall mascot of Sega, and rival of Mario/Link. Oh, and did I mention that Sonic is no normal hedgehog? He is the fastest little mammal that ever stood on two legs!, and he is accompanied by his allies Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and bundle of crazy characters like Shadow. His arch-rival is Dr.Egg man. So now that you know the little blue speed demon, lets know his attacks!

Moves, and Smashes
Basic Fist (damage ratio= 2%)- A button
Basic Fist, Fist (damage ratio= 4%)- Ax2 button
Basic Combo (damage ratio= 7%)- Ax3 button
Surprise Horse kick (damage ratio= 11%)- Forward+A button
Leg swipe (damage ratio= 6%)- Down+A button
Leg lift (damage ratio= 14%)- Up+A button
Homing Ball (damage ratio= 8%)- B button *NOTE- A move that allows sonic to suspend in mid-air, and come down on his foe. It can also be used in mid-air.*
Rolling Blue sphere (damage ratio= 5%)- Holding/Forward+B button *NOTE- This move can be use to chase, and harm your foes, But it also can be used as a recovery if needed*
Bumper (damage ratio= 4%)- Up+B button *NOTE- This is the primary recovery, and interesting thing about this one is that if on ground, bumper can be on the field*
Intense Rolling (damage ratio= 10%)- Holding/Down+B (tapping) button *NOTE- This move is a more powerful version of the Rolling blue sphere, and can be use to do serious damage*
Windup Fist (damage ratio= 19%)- Holding/Snap Forward+A button
Zig Zag (damage ratio= 16%)- Holding/Snap Down+A button *NOTE- A charge up area ball that can be threating*
Revolving Blue (damage ratio= 19%)- Holding/Snap Up+A button *NOTE- Great anti-air*
Yo-yo (damage ratio= 11%)- While in mid-air, A button
Spinning Dart (damage ratio= 12%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button
Scissor Cut (damage ratio= 9%)- While in mid-air, Up+A button *NOTE- Can send foe flying like team rocket!*
Epicness Kick (damage ratio= 7%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button *NOTE- Great set up move if combined with Bumper, or any mid-air attack*
Back Kick (damage ratio= 13%)- While in mid-air, facing the opposite way, Backwards+A button
Tricks, and Tips.

#1- Speed? Yes! Sonic may not be the strongest, or the most lean mean fighting machine, But his speed is overall the fastest in Brawl. So Sonic users enjoy yourselves when your zooming past slow fighters, and making them not only panic due to agile quickness No, But to the fact that sonic is a painful *****. His speed can allow him to do some heavy combos when foe is in air, or even on ground!

#2- Balls? Yes! Sonic has many moves that relate to the spinning ball. He can use this to either; 1. Chase down enemies, 2. absorb damage (NOT MAJOR) 3. Recovery, and # 4. Build-up damage set.

#3- Counter? NOOOOOOO! In the event of another Sonic, or a fast rival like Falco, Fox, Sheik, and etc. You should proceed with no panic. Though they are a threat you are capable not only to out-run them, But overall smash past thier projectiles, and recoveries. For example; If trying to edge guard try the easy approach- Simply push your foe a ways from the stage, and if he is Falco, or Fox, and is charging his recovery, just jump, and drop the good ol' bumper, and it will not only stall them, but impede them from trying to reach the edge, and allowing you to edge guard with ease.

#4- DASH! DASH! DASH! YOU FOOL! Dashing is Sonic's best friend, and also another good set up combo move. To explain this is easy. First smack your rival with a good running dash, then follow up with anti-air attacks or mid-air attack (preferable mid-air) Then finish it up with the epicness kick to show not to **** with you! afro

#5- Too many balls? Um.. Maybe? Never! Spam the balls, use the balls, love the balls, embrace the balls, smash the balls! If you prefer Sonic's ball moves then you chose the right character! Side-effects may include= Gayness, homosexuality, preferences to Tellatubbies, and lack of respect.

Well guys I am done with Balls.... But come back, and we will talk about Peaches!!! yummy! >:3
Till next time guys!
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:41 pm

Sonic mah name speed mah game mah boi
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:29 am

I just read all that and phew all I can say is... crap...I can't think of anything not Sonic related .___.
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:53 am

LMAO Crissp!!!!!

embrace Sonic..... Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:58 pm

*picks up sonic as a main*
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:59 pm

Ugggh and crisspy's sonic can be such a pain XD
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Sonic   

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The Guide to Sonic
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