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 Meet Lazerus!

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PostSubject: Meet Lazerus!   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:14 am

Hi! I am Lazerus. You all know me as the intellect member, and low-decent brawler, But now you get to meet my true self. My real name is Madison Aaron Johast. Big? yeah. I was born in Sweden, Stockholm, But then was transferred to United States. I am 16 years old, favorite color green, in high school, Zodiac/Monkey, and DOB 12/22/92.

Now that you know some of the basis of me. Lets move on to the longer paragraphs. Sleep

I am a podcaster, writer, and also a game/forum designer. Now I don't clearly work with a top notch company as you would think. I am a freelance designer, and I do works on PC programs to Web-based. My first forum creation was AVPVM. Meaning Aliens vs Predators vs Marines. Now if there is one thing you got to know about me... It is that I am the biggest AVP fan here... No matter who you are.. I can beat you with ease in a pop quiz about AVP. Um, when I was at the age of 4-6 I absolutely loved dinosaurs. So when I played "Pikmin" on the game cube, I was just in awe.. I felt like a paleontologist which inspired me to work on games, and writing. Pod casting was another thing I fell into, But not at a young age. I decided to take drama one part of school, and it lead to me that I was a good actor, and with this I decided to pod cast with the local game store "Playntrade".

Most people wonder where I got my intellect acquired from. Well it is very simple.... Your either born with it, you learn it, or you think about it. My case was thinking/learning. Now I didn't start out with big words, and I will be honest with you guys. I was held back in first grade for being so stupid. But with intelligence, you can most likely go places. It not only supports you in needs financial, But when trying to communicate. Most kids don't even know how to spell the word Register, or republic. Due to the fact that they use shortcuts. So it can do much for you, and many of you guys already have it. Just not displaying it in plain sight.

Not much I can say left.. If you guys want to ask questions about anything, and I will answer with best hope.

Here is some add-ons I decided to add to my profile~

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Meet Lazerus!
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