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 The Guide to Snake

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PostSubject: The Guide to Snake   Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:12 am

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring* Hello? This is Solid Snake... The Guide to Snake.....

Hello operatives, and today mission briefing is to discuss about code name "Snake". This information was presented by Lazerus, and he will give you all the daily dose of what to expect of Snake. Firstly though to defeat your foe, you need to know your foe. Solid Snake is a elite espionage unit, and black mercenary operations expert. He knows wide amounts of languages, Close quarter combat styles, and also is an former member of the deadly FOXHOUND. He is no laughing matter. Snake is also a copy or "clone" of the original top-class operative "Big Boss". From what we have gather about anything left, Snake has appeared in his own series of events called the "Metal Gear Solid". Not much else is known about this man. Now to combat him, we need to showcase his fighting data.

Moves, and Smashes
Lethal Punch (damage ratio= 4%)- A button
Lethal Punch, punch (damage ratio= 7%)- Ax2 button
Lethal Combo (damage ratio= 14%)- Ax3 button *NOTE- This move alone can do a deadly KO if landed together perfectly*
Knee hitter (damage ratio= 8%)- Forward+A button
Highway leg (damage ratio= 13%)- Up+A button
Stun roll (damage ratio= 11%)- Holding/Forward+A button *NOTE- Good for setting up mortar launch*
Slick sweep (damage ratio= 10%)- Down+A button
Item~ Grenades (damage= 14%, if both 27%)- B button *NOTE- These act as real life grenade timing, and usage. They can be eaten, tossed back, or use to KO if held on long enough*
Rocket Launcher (damage ratio= 14%)- Forward+B button *NOTE- This is a controlled missile attack, that allows the user to home in on a foe. It can be stopped pressing the Z button or shield button. Great for edgeguarding*
Remote C4 (damage ratio= 17%)- Down+B button *NOTE- This is a remote trap that can be used to as a mind game againest foes, and also be place as a sticky if extremely close to target.*
Drone flight (damage ratio= 0%)- Up+B button *NOTE- Only type of recovery, and last for long period of time for mid-air C4 combo*
RPG (damage ratio= 30% if fully charged)- Snap/Holding Forward+A button *NOTE- This attack can do a instant KO if landed fully on a weak foe*
Claymore (damage ratio= 19%)- Snap/Holding Down+A button *NOTE- like C4 it is a trap attack, and it can trick your foe, But it can also hurt you as well.*
Mortar bombard (damage ratio= 14%)- Snap/Holding Up+A button *NOTE- This move is a great anti-air, and also can be a great set-combo hitter.*
Elite combo (damage ratio= 28%)- While in mid-air, A button *NOTE- Longest combo for Snake, and it can be just as deadly as the Lethal combo*
High leg hell (damage ratio= 15%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button *NOTE- Acts as a deadly spike*
Pencil launcher (damage ratio= 14%)- While in mid-air, Up+A button
Board Kick (damage ratio= 14%)- While in mid-air, facing the opposite way, Backwards+A button
Stomping fury (damage ratio= 11%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button
Tricks, and Tips.

#1- Snake is high tier for a reason... BE WARNED. Snake is a deadly brawler, and can be one of the hardest to combat. For Snake users, abuse this. Most people either fear Snake, or they try to over come him with simple rush tactics. So use this cocky mood to your advantage, or in a easier way to say it.. "A bull in a Chinese shop."

#2- Combos. Snake has a chuck full of set combos, and instant KO smashes. So to set one up is easy, to land it is a challenge. First what you want to do is to be unexpected. So do some predictable. Like toss some grenades, and keep your foe focus on your grenade spam, and then go in for the kill. Once you dash, or if close enough smack him with either a lethal combo, or plant a nasty C4 on his face for later. Then use mortar bombardment to send him in the air for an short time. Finish it up with a tasty C4 click. If he is damaged already badly, he will KO. Be warn though. if he runs into you, the C4 sticks onto you. This can be useful if you want to be stuck, and then jump towards your foe, and combo, and click. many combos you can do with great set ups.

#3- Amazing codec taunt? To do the outstanding taunt. You have to go to Snake's map~ Shadow Moses, then use snake. No matter what color, or player. Then press the taunt button for just half a second, then wait for snake to kneel, and it will take a moment or so. So please do not move. Then a couple of rings will go off, and a conversation about the enemy character will go on with Snake's officers.

#4- Edge guard is one thing about Snake that makes him interesting. He can guard very well with C4 at the edge with dangling foe, grenade toss to get him, or the classical rocket chase. Anything works with it. Snake is prefect for the job. So good luck Exclamation

5#- Recovery. Problem with Snake is his recovery.. It last long which is a good side to it. But problem is ... It leaves him open for a nasty smack to the face. Really... His entire body is hanging. So be be careful of when using the Drone flight.

Well agents, you know your target, make sure you take good care of Solid Snake.. till next time..
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PostSubject: Re: The Guide to Snake   Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:52 am

Not bad laz....not bad at all.......

good work very informative sunny
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The Guide to Snake
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