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 Need Tech support? You came to the right place.

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PostSubject: Need Tech support? You came to the right place.   Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:01 pm

Hiya! I am Lazerus, or as they call me Laz. Now your here for one main purpose. To bother me.. Just kidding! Your here to not only bother me, But you seem to have a problem with your computer, console, or just stuck on some strange question you have to know the answer, because your just the way you are.

Now before anyone slings fun filled joy at me, let me explain why I am doing this. Three reasons Laze decided to do this is;

1. I was elected Tech Support due to my brilliant intelligence.
2. Not very good at the game brawl, But hell. I do make a great guide geek
3. Last, but probably not finale reason is because I am Tech support? scratch

That being displayed, and told. I will start by asking what is your problem?, and if I don't receive a problem, then how can I assist you? Now I can help from Character design, to minor computer problems. So please don't have high hopes if I inhale failure, or success. To first start off, Character discussion, and tips. Here is the current work I have completed, and have review over myself. Links will escort you to the pages of the guides, with the brawler's name attached to the side to inform you of who you are visiting. *NOTE- I am still working on the newest guides, and due to the fact that these guides are no picnic. Time was will be long-length Sleep, But I can guarantee that your questions will be answered. Please also intake that I do guides on majority votes. So sorry for the delay if you are hoping for your favorite to appear next.* study

Having a problem with Forum? trying to get a moving picture (gif) for your avatar? Well it is very simple if you are familiar with Photobucket, Paint, or any type of album collection web site. Just simply change picture type by switching it to the usable site allowance. For example. My pic use to run on an alien type of picture set, then I change it into a GIF file. By using the Photobucket. This may be done on many sites, and picture types rarely matter on depending sites.

Having a computer problem? Well Go ahead, and click on the reply button, and tell me. Once I know the problem, I will see what I can do.

If you need further help, or any type of assistance, here is my contact information. # 1-850-532-8337/Madgamer951@aol.com;E-mail/MSN-Madgamer951.

Hope I was able to show some light on my new fond job on Aeon Kairos, and Also have a great day.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Tech support? You came to the right place.   Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:17 pm


What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face

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affraid affraid affraid affraid affraid
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Need Tech support? You came to the right place.
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