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 A CHEESE!! Emulator guide I guess....;D

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J Thunder


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PostSubject: A CHEESE!! Emulator guide I guess....;D   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:38 pm

So it is I JT, and since a lot of people are decidin to try out emulators, I thought, "why not make a guide?".

so here it is....one thing though.....this just covers da basics, if u have any further questions, please ask me I'm JT, Lone Wolf or that "guy" lol.

without further delays....here it is....

First of all lets see wut emulators are best suited for ya needz..... Twisted Evil


If U want to play Arcade games such as KOF, Metal Slug or any others, ur best bet is to get MAME32++. Its an Emulator I use myself, and it works pretty easily when u get da hang or it.

Super Nintendo.....ah a classic....... also known as SNES is one of the best consoles EVAR!!!!!! and if u wanna relive ur childhood (like me ;D) then....... GET IT FOO!!!! wut ya waitin fo? I dont think Super Nintendo needs an explanation. Best Emulator I've found for SNES is ZSNES lol.

Game Boy Advance is one of the best portable consoles from da past generation. And most likely I dont think it needs an introduction of wut it is......since most people have heard about it. Best Emu I've found out there is VisualBoyAdvance

Nintendo64 was a console that I believe was overshadowed by the PSX but nevertheless it has a great gallery of games. If u want to play classics like Mario64, Starfox64, 64, 64, 64.....then this is for ya lol. Project64 is the most known N64 Emulator.

Finally but not less important is the PSX (playstation)which there is no need to introduce either with masterpieces like FFVII and FFIX. ePSXe is the way to go.

K so now u probably know wut console u want so I'II get to how to get da games.....

First of all, the Games aren't basically called "games" like ur used to, they are called ROM's.

Dependin on wut emulator ur usin u may need to put the ROM's on a certain folder, if it doesn't I personally like to make a new folder then name it "w/e" ROMS so I dont get confused.

Also, U can play any emulator to my knowledge usin the keyboard, but it is obviously better to use a joypad, I got mine on radio shack for like 20 bucks so its not that expensive.

Finally here's da links for both the Emulators and da ROM's.

For Emulators try this site: http://www.emulator-zone.com/

that site has pretty much any info on all emulators known u can search for more emulators there as well.

Fo da ROM's:





There u go.

Please note that the sites and Emulators above are not the only ones in existence, they are the ones I tested myself and made sure they work.

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PostSubject: Re: A CHEESE!! Emulator guide I guess....;D   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:51 pm

Oooh, I needed some rom sites. =D
Awesome links are awesome.
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A CHEESE!! Emulator guide I guess....;D
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