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 The Guide to Mario

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PostSubject: The Guide to Mario   Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:02 pm

The guide to Mario, everyone's favorite mushroom eating plumber!

Hello once again loyal readers, its Laz to bring you some more yummy guide fun, and let me start off by apologizing for my recent absence. I was side tracked, and had many issues to deal with. Now lets start this guide off. Mario is our man today in the spotlight, and let me first state that "size does not matter!" Mario is the first among the Nintendo heroes, and he also one of the oldest gaming idols since the arcades were released. He is the youngest brother of the Super Mario Bros, and his brother is Luigi. His arch-rival is Boswer, and his love is Princess Peach or Toadstool. Mario is the star in most of the games "Nintendo" creates, and he tends to be the protagonist of every storyline. He has made many foes like DK, Boswer, Master hand, and Koopas. But his allies Yoshi, Luigi, and it would seem Sonic! are here to make thier stand with him. Mario's appearances around the world have truly capture many, and he is here now to show off his skills! The Italian plumber of Mario World!

Moves, and Smashes
Basic Ka pow! (damage ratio= 3%)- A button
Basic Ka powie! (damage ratio= 5%)- Ax2 button
Basic Ka powie Combo (damage ratio= 9%)- Ax3 button
Kicky (damage ratio= 8%)- Forward+A button
Stylish sweep (damage ratio= 5%)- Down+A button
Upper pow (damage ratio= 7%)- Up+A button
Sliding lean (damage ratio= 7%)- Holding Forward+A button
Projectile- Fireball (damage ratio= 5%)- B button *NOTE- distance is a good range that would have to be 1/4 of the stage.*
Cape of Own (damage ratio= 8%)- Forward+B button *NOTE- This is a good move that can fool your rivals into either tasting thier own projectiles, or execute a move that will send them the opposite way.*
FLUDD (damage ratio= 0%)- Down+B button *NOTE- This move is very limited to usage, But it acts as a push away, and cna be save for a fully charge push*
Ding ding ding ding ding (damage ratio= 12%)- Up+B button *NOTE- Main, and only recovery for Mario. Use it wisely!*
Spicy KA POW! (damage ratio= 19% if fully charged)- Holding/Snap Forward+A button *NOTE- Acts as a deadly KOer. Use wisely though as the charge up can leave you open for any attack*
Uber Sweep (damage ratio= 21% if fully charged)- Holding/Snap Forward+A button *NOTE- decent range, and damage rate*
Head Smash (damage ratio= 19% if fully charged)- Holding/Snap Up+A button *NOTE- a obviously great anti-air, and same response like Luigi's*
Flying foot (damage ratio= 10%)- While in mid-air, A button
Slugger (damage ratio= 13%)- While in mid-air, Forward+A button
Mario Twist (damage ratio= 12%)- While in mid-air, facing the opposite way, Backwards+A button
Red Cyclone (damage ratio= 12%)- While in mid-air, Down+A button
Tips, and Tricks

#1- Top tier? No, But useful? Yes. Okay lets face it guys. Mario has been really brought down since Melee, and he is not as powerful as he use to be. So lets put this in consideration. Is he wonderful? nope, Is he top tier? nope, Is he decent at least? Indeed. Mario is still main able, and he can be posed as a threat to most he comes across. So don't give up on the little guy? alright?

#2- How do you make due with the things your given? Think of ways to improve them off each other! Good example of this is to first charge up FLUDD, and then fight normally. Once you rack some good damage on your foe, prepare for a nice combo. The key factor is timing. Once you have laid a nice assortment of damage, grab your foe, and force him/her to the edge, and then if he tries to jump recover counter, by jumping to his level, and perform Cape of own to prevent him from attack, and stopping the combo. Next once the Cape falls in, fire the FLUDD to push him aside, and then land on stage, and quickly either Spike him with Slugger, or charge a mini burst of FLUDD, and keep pushing. In turn killing your foe.

3#- Reflection? Cape of Own's name is truly up to it's standards. It reflects numerous of projectiles, basic attacks, and also smashes. So if your in a pickle, Cape it out! Plus if you time the cape at the right moment, you can use Team killing to your advantage, recovery reversal, and projectile spam under your control.

4#- Mario? or Luigi? Luigi. Mario has had the spotlight, and he has lost of fan base due to Luigi's epic win. But Mario has been master of his titles for a while, and when it comes to taunts, and combat. If your into Skill, serious combat, and fast pace work with Mario. If your into humor, Random events, and secret weapons love Luigi.

5#- Taunts? Mario can make even DK wish he never made him fun of his size Wink, But in all seriousness. Mario has great taunts, and plus you can see his epic hair style... :O

Thanks guys once again, and try to stay tune for more!
DING!DING!DING!DING!DING!SMACK! Mama Mia.. dun dun dun....
till next guys Wink
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PostSubject: The Guide To Mario   Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:52 pm

Thanks for Making this! Very Happy
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The Guide to Mario
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