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 The Guide to Pokemon Trainer, and POKEMON!

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PostSubject: The Guide to Pokemon Trainer, and POKEMON!   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:23 pm

GOT TO CATCH THEM ALL! Or you can just have 3..? The poke guide!

Good day guys!, and welcome another time to one of my tasty guides for more helping, fun, and plain outrageous humor. Well today we shall rumor over Pokemon trainer or PT. Now lets me first state that Pokemon trainer is a special character. He does not fight, But his Pokemon take the front lines so it going to be a long list as you can see soon. Background history though! Pokemon Trainer is a young lad who has trained into taming, caring, and honing his Pokemon to the top of thier game. He has captured, and selected three strong, fast, and interesting Pokemon. Squirtle, Charizard, and Ivysaur. Water, Fire, and Grass. All counter elements, and he makes sure that they are fully ready for fights. So you understand what he does, and why he avoids combat while during an match. So let me begin with Squirtle, and move on through the list posted in the upper sentences.

Moves, and Smashes
Turtle Slap (damage ratio= 2%)- A button
Turtle Booty slap (damage ratio= 3%)- Ax2 button
Turtle Combo (damage ratio= 6%)- Ax3 button
Slip, and Slide (damage ratio= 9%)- Down+A button
Tail snap (damage ratio= 4%)- Forward+A button
Feeding time?! (damage ratio= 9%)- Up+A button
Water hose (damage ratio= 9% if using short shot)- B button *NOTE- this move acts like FLUDD, it pushes foes away with water, and destorys projectiles. So charge up, and fire away!*
River slide (damage ratio= 10%)- Up+B button *NOTE- This move acts as Squirtle's main recovery, and great for combo finisher*
Water missile (damage ratio= random #)- Forward+B button *NOTE- acts as second recovery, minor damage absorber, and also to stop that attack, pull stick opposite direction.*
Switch (damage ratio= N/A)- Down+B button *NOTE- switches Pokemon*
Shell shock (damage ratio= 15%)- Holding/Snap Forward+A button
Spinning water disc (damage ratio= 10%)- Holding/Snap Down+A button *NOTE- Short range, But effective*
Hydro Double barrel (damage ratio= 12%)- Holding/Snap Up+A button
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The Guide to Pokemon Trainer, and POKEMON!
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