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 Moderator Request Form 2.0

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PostSubject: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:20 pm

We are restarting the moderators on this clan. and here is why.

1.) A majority if not all of the mods here do not do anything pertaining to there job
2.) Reliablity
3.)If you want the job be ready for what comes along with it

Hello, and welcome to the Mod request topic. You are either to read this, or we both know you want to be a mod for clan Aeon's chat box, and forums. How you acquire this role? There is many requirements needed to be a effective, and trusted Mod.

For starters, you must have experience at this type of job. For example; former mod, mod for Forum-base site, former clan leader, or any type of legit leadership role. Reason being is because when having someone with this type of power, we need to make sure they are able to control thier actions, and also the way they define thier own personal usage of power. Meaning no power mongers, show-offs, and tyrants.

Secondary rules imply the trust you display. This showcased by how well you know other members. Also this means to not be disloyal, or dishonest. Making threats to leave clan is dishonorable, and cowardly for anyone. A Mod must be strong, and also very devoted to any type of task he/she is presented with.

Time-wise. You must have at least spent about two week fully with Aeon Kairos. This shows how your active status proves your devotion, and also reliability for the clan.

Skill Level. Skill is needed to also prove your ready for mod ship. To pass this part, is simple. Impress members with your skills on brawl.Our system is built on a scale wise function. from 1-10 you are judge by either another mod, or admin/leader. If you surpass 5-6 or higher, then mod ship is acceptable, But now this does not mean just work on brawl. Make contributions on the site, and assist new/recent members with anything.

Thank you for your time, and also please consider this warning. Mod ship is a grueling task, and role. To play it is not only to enjoy it's advantages, But to make a difference in the clan's social foundation. So please consider all this before entering your application.

Now please reply with a informative response on why you should be a Mod on clan Aeon. 1-2 sentences will not cut it. Recommend long, and persuasive paragraphs. Thank you, and have a good day.
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:28 pm

My last application with a few edits.

Hello, and I am here to apply for being a mod for Aeon Kairos. Now I hate that I have to do this, and I don't enjoy trying to rise up in ranks, But I realize now that this clan needs some back bone foundation to flourish, and I am going to take my time, and explain why selection of being a mod is what must come to be.

First of all to be clear, I don't enjoy this. I do this in times of desperation, and much needed enforcement due to the mass majority of immature brawlers. Now if this offends you already, then you clearly show your true colors just now. Back to the Request form though.

Experience- I have served as many roles connecting to clans, forums, and web sites. I have hosted my own clan, and Rpg site. I have earned titles ranging from Mod, to Admin. I have the strict will to push a clan in the right direction, and also determination to provide for my community. For any disbelievers here is a link to my former site that had died back in last February~ http://z15.invisionfree.com/AVPVM/index.php?act=idx Note- My name on the site is known as Devilfruit, and DF. I am had created the site's skin, color design, and also formed the entrie ranking system, shops, and everything that is clan based, and locations.

Time span- I have spent most of my free time on Aeon Kairos, and spending it well unlike most. I have put effort by making guides, and also trying to discuss ideas with many of the members.

Loyalty- I am dedicated to AK, and to my reasons for this is because to see a clan like this fall because of the same events with my members, I would rather not foreshadow another clan come down with senseless troubles.

Skills- I vary from Hosting, writing, designing, pod casting, advertisement, Tech, Humorous jokes, and overall great gamer.

Scale Level- Out of pure honesty I have very low numbers in my brawling status. I would have to say I range from 3-4 or lower. I am not ashamed, But am needing to train harder to promote myself much better among the fellow brawlers. I do main King dedede, and making some what progress.

My personal info if needed is already displayed in Tech support, and my profile alone. Here is the tech support link, and my Profile link if needed. http://aeonkairos.forumotions.net/clan-suggestionsideas-f6/need-tech-support-you-came-to-the-right-place-t48.htm -Tech
http://aeonkairos.forumotions.net/profile.forum?mode=viewprofile&u=11 -Profile

I am done with anything else required, and my final comments are that I hate being promoted as I already told many, But sometimes I have to come in, and help out. I would ******* hate to see AK fall because of little kids crying over spilled milk.. Its time to grow up boys, and girls.
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:44 pm

Experience: I have ran my own anime forums site before, and am quite understanding of the leadership role that comes with it, as well as it's difficult parts, such as deciding who to grant power to, to ensure a happy day for everyone, as well as banning the people that make it an impossibility.
I have helped out numerous other forums and clans as well, in displays of leadership and mod ship, to help strengthen and further the bonds of friendship each and everyone has for each other.
I have never once been stripped of my power for any other reason than resignation of the clan or forum. And have always fulfilled my part of the job no matter how grueling the task.

Relating Issues: I have been with the clan for some time, and feel well accustomed to its atmosphere, as well as being quite happy around the other members and leaders that make this place feel extremely welcoming to everyone. I hope to be a part of the cause and help out in any way i can.

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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:36 pm

Hello all,

Well I have been here for month's now, and now is finally my chance to take charge of having a mod position. I have experience at this position, I was mod at BKT for quite some time when it was up and strong. I can say I made good contributions to the clan with my creative ways. I genuinely love to help people and they seem to admire the things I do and bring to them. Such as making avatars, helping them with personal or general questions etc. But overall making them content which is the most important thing. Also I have noticed that some people at Aeon Kairos tend to worry more about what other clans have better than our own which just hinders our development by not focusing on ourselves. If those people are just going to bring their own clan down with negativity that will only take us no where. Dedication, patience, and stride is key and that is what I have to offer. I can be a jokester but if I am chosen for mod it will be the start of hard work, and the time for change. Wink

You can only take my word for it that I will be a good moderator and hopefully you will recognize my helpful ways. Like a Star @ heaven

P.S moooooo & do you <3 jermy ? Embarassed lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:40 pm

Hai everbdy

Well let me start off with this i think i should be a mod because ive been with this clan since the beginin when it was 1st call dragon gaiden it was a good clan then it became better and better by the day 4 me bein a mod i can help ppl with stuff i know how 2 make avatars 4 anybdy im nice enough 2 do it i know how 2 hack wii i even have a guide on it if u want 2 check it here it is:http://aeonkairos.forumotions.net/smash-chat-f7/waffles-guide-4-home-brew-channel-and-brawl-texture-hack-t15.htm#50 im pretty good in brawl i can help the clan train when ever they need it and when its time 2 be forreal ill do that and everybdy will love me i usally always active well 2 let ya know who ever get on mah bad side ill be fucked up 2 them but i dont get angry so much i have many knowledge of people of other clanz ill try mah best as a mod 2 help this clan
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PostSubject: Moderator Request Form   Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:51 pm

Good day everyone!

I'm running for the position as Moderator at Aeon Kairos. I felt a little uneasy, but something is telling me I should try out for this position.

1st off, I was a former moderator at my old clan, DSCB, before merging with this clan. The traits that make up a moderator include responsiblity, trust, hard work, and dedication. I believe I posess a good amount of these qualities. I believe as a moderator, I also want things to run smoothly in the chat. I would use my powers to set a good balance among the random guests we recieve and the occasional jerk or meanie that drops by. I'm not a technical as the rest of you are such as making stream videos, desiging avatars, etc. But I will do the best I can to promote any beneficial changes that I may come up with. As you know, I'm a very active member. I always stay online with the chat past my bed time, hehehehe. I also don't sleep normally like the lot of you, but you don't have to worry about my health. As far as my brawling skills, I would say at least a 4. I'm saying this because I've been very rusty lately and I have been training as hard as my little fingers can try. Since I don't get good wifi, I don't get to train with the pros or the above average. But, I have been improving day and night so I can be able to participate in our clan wars. These past several weeks, I was able to figure out who I'm well acquainted with. I believe I've gained the trust of my fellow members and my leader Sync to stay in this clan.
I hope all of this is making any sense to all of you. But the point is, we need excellent moderators for this clan. I have sensed great talent among those who are re-applying for this position. If I don't make it as a moderator, that's fine by me. I just wanted to say what was on my mind that's all. Well, thank you for taking the time for reading my application. Be sure to take your time for making your decision. Good Luck to those who are wanting to become moderators.
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:48 am

Hi there.

I can’t say that I actually have a lot of experience, although I was a mod in my previous clan, GaSS. I really enjoyed the position yet took it seriously and helped with arranging clan tourneys and the clan’s ranking system. I know that I will be devoted to any task given to me and be willing to contribute as much as possible. I believe that I am organised and responsible yet I can still have a good time.

I have been a member here for quite a while, but I think it’s only in the past few weeks that I’ve begun to be suitably active. I can easily talk to all of the members and feel that I know most members quite well. I spend a lot of the free time I have on the chat, and I think that this is very important when considering who gets the position of a moderator. On the other hand I know, too, that that free time could also be better spent helping out the clan and other members.

When it comes to brawl, however, I know that I’m one of the less skilled members of AK meaning that I would not be able to test new members that have just been recruited or participate in clan wars. Despite this, I think that my main contribution to the clan as a moderator would be to help to sustain and improve the YouTube page and record brawl matches between members, ready to upload. I now have a working capture card that I will be able to use whenever I am online and I will dedicate myself to the job of the ‘clan recorder’. Of course I will readily do this even without the position of a moderator.

Many members here in AK have helped me out and I see this as one of the ways that I can return the favour. I am prepared and keen to aid the clan in its journey up the ranks and I promise to work through it with enthusiasm and devotion.

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PostSubject: Dizzy (proly your best choice if u wanna keep winning)   Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:07 pm

Now b4 i start my paragraph, ima jus let u guys no that ima tell it like it is and im not gonna sugar-coat anything im about 2 say. Im not going 2 write a long drawn out paragraph b/c who really wants 2 read about all of that? so anyway, im just gonna say that i would b a good mod, b/c not only am i active but i can brawl. i am seen as a friend 2 many other clan (only as a guest tho), and im really confident and stuff like that. u guys no that i dont like noobs b/c even tho we say we gonna train them we nvr do, so wat i do is kick them out b/c they just gonna b pissed off when we dont compete is wars. Now we alrdy dont have many wars around here as is but i know ppl. if u want a clan 2 fight w/ just say the word and it's done. Not 2 b mean 2 the other guys but sum r just 2 soft and will let ne11 join us out of pity. good luck on the mod picking and can i just ask that we just b a normal clan after this?
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Syusuke Fuji


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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:50 pm

Well, I'm going to apply. After all, if you don't take the chance then you'll never know what happens after, mi'right?

Well, I'll start off with my experience. I was a moderator in my old clan, named Ridely's Swarm, which I was a part of for a year before the disbanding. I was also a senior officer ( which was someone who members could go to for disputes and such ), in another clan, called the ROB Squad, which has recently gone inactive. It's not much, but experience is experience.

I am quite loyal to the clan, and would never leave without a good reason, barring the recent laptop incident of course, since I did try and tell you all I was leaving the night of the breaking of the laptop, but unfortunate circumstances made me not say anything until a few days later. I try my best to be friendly to all of the members, new and old, and most likely will greet everyone with a polite hello when I'm in the chat. My grammar and formality is also quite nice. Hee. I'm willing to look past past mistakes ( that's not to say I don't have occassional lapses when Bair comes around... but enough on that. ), and am willing to help out any members with anything if they need it.

Now for the skill part... To be honest, I'm a low to middle class brawler in the 4-5 1/2 range. I main the Pokemon Trainer and Sonic, and I'm constantly training them against people to make them better. The only other thing I can offer to the clan is just my friendliness and willingness to help others, with some minor tech support.

Well, that's all I have to say. I hope to be considered, and even if I do not get chosen ( which is unlikely considering the mass amount of applications I've seen here ), good luck to the mods that are chosen.
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:51 pm

Hello, and I am here to apply for being a mod for Aeon Kairos. -credits go to laz for this great opening sentence.

Experience - Leader of my own "Travian" clan for some time. Had around 20 members. (Travian is where you build villages, and destroy other's villages in an attempt to conquer the world wonder at the end) I have lead my own CoD DS clan fpr around 9 months now (or 10 or 11) (http://ep.ipbfree.com)

Skill - I suck monkey bawls, but I'm getting there 2/5 mabeh

Loyalship - Sure thing. I have never stabbed anyone in the back, and lot's of people I know trust me with there life. (Maybe not there life, but there password's for stuff they do online.

Time Span - 4-5 hours every day for a week.

Personal Info - 1 annoying parent, 1 annoying sibling. I am 13 years of age, and will level up on July 27th. (14 ^_^)

Why should spark be mod? - I love this game. and uhh why not?
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:07 pm

Hello I am ShadowFury and I want to be a mod. I think I will be a darn good one because I can help others that need help especially the newbies. I am able to help anyone who has trouble on Brawl or on the Chat room. I can train any one who needs work on their main. My mains in order are Sonic, Ice Climbers, Ness, Toon Link, and Marth. Also I think being a mod is a good idea so that we can keep the chat room in order. I think you need to be responsible and have experience in being a leader and those are some talents that I have.
There are a lot of people who are confused about brawl and us mods are the only people who can teach them what they need to know. You also need to be nice and respectable to others. You also need to know a lot of members so you can get along with each other. If nobody likes you there is know reason to be a mod because know one will want your help. Mods need to have patience in their fellow members that are having trouble in brawl. You shouldn't make fun of them if there are not so good you should take your time with them and try and tell them what they are doing wrong. Once they have worked up a good strategy go over it with them until they get it right.
If some members are causing trouble in in the chat room you should tell them to stop if not you should ban them until they get a better attitude. Mods are very necessary in a clan without them it would fall apart. The mods teach the other members to be nice to everyone, recruit people, and to help them improve in brawl.I think I would make a great mod. I just want to help others because that is just what mods are supposed to do. I you make me a mod you would be making a good decision. So if anyone needs help just come to me
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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Request Form 2.0   

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Moderator Request Form 2.0
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