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 Sync's Interview. Because he is too pro. Provided by Laz's podcast, and live stream.

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PostSubject: Sync's Interview. Because he is too pro. Provided by Laz's podcast, and live stream.   Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:03 am

Laz: Hey Sync, and welcome to the show. Now let me first start off, and say thank you for coming on the show to help talk to me, and lets begin alright? Now first I am going to ask you questions, and then you will answer to the best of your knowledge about each one.

Laz: Alright first question: Who are you exactly?, and who do you main?

Sync: I am Sync The tempest the leader of Team Aeon Kairos, and I main Marth, Toon link, and Pikachu

Laz: Anything interesting you can tell us right off the bat?

Sync: Well I like To call people silly piglets

Laz: How do you manage this large clan's insanity? I mean it got to be a tough job I can imagine!

Sync: Well I deal with my members on a individual level. Like to get to know each and every one of them.
Its not exactly easy to run that's for sure, I have to keep up with forum updates, clan wars overall events in the clan to keep things active!

Laz: How do you feel about the clan's progression so far? Do you think your reaching the goal you are desiring for?

Sync: I am surprised on how my clan has progressed! When it started it was at least 5 members now I have at least 20+ or more if not more that I forget?..
Its a great feeling to watch my clan grow that is true! My goal yes I think that we are slowly reaching it though i am very far from claiming it recently a person came to me, and said he wanted a challenge because I was one of the top clan leaders among 2 other clans I had no idea we were widely known until today, But slowly my goal will be attained that I can assure you, and right now were on a steady pace

Laz: What does Aeon Kairos stand for?

Sync: Ahhh! The name Aeon Kairos Aeon means Eternity, and Kairos means "at the opportune moment".
To be honest it took quite a while to form this name! My co leader Jigmon, and JT at the time helped in fact many don't know this but we used to be known as Dragon Gaiden, But that name died along with our old goals, and clan ship when we chose the name it fit so perfectly when we chose the name it fit so perfectly!
And I think that my co leader Jigmon can vouch that it has a very nice RING to it lol, were known casually as Aeon Kairos but formally as "Team Aeon" Or Team Eternity for translation purposes.

Laz:When did you start Aeon Kairos?, and were you excited? or nervous?

Sync: A little bit before Christmas, but we did not officially start until Late February. Of course I was nervous to start it though I know that 8 out of 10 clans die, But I was determined to make Team Aeon live I started it with a bunch of ideas and strategic, But in the end it all seemed to work out

Laz: Do you have any advice to people who want to start their own clan? Or do you want them to just join your clan? rofl

Sync: Honestly I would love people to join Ak I really would, But advice for people for looking to start a brawl clan or any clan its not a easy task it involves dedication, and more work then one actually thinks especially setting up a "home".

I think I spent at least a week just deciding on what site to host, and about 3-5 days editing the site before I was ready to release it, But he if you wanna be down come join my clan, oh by the way I would have lost patience had it not been for my girlfriend lol just pointing that out.

Laz: Why brawl of all games?

Sync: Well Ive always been interested in the smash series ever since the 64 version, Now I have joined 3 other clans before making my own, But it wasn't till I started noticing that I couldn't just be a member or a mod there was more brawl in my eyes its like a expression through fist though that might sound a tad silly. tongue

What can I say I have been a hardcore smash fan since the start I quit call of dirty, and I sold halo, and I'm tired of hearing about this new craze conduit. So brawl is the only title that catches my fancy geek

Laz: Do you love the clan members? or do they honestly get on your nerves?

Sync: You know what lol, I love some of them, and some work my damn nerves, jigmon I love him to death we have been bros since last year when we met at all is brawl!

JT......... Full of drama, and emotions. recently I met a pal name Lust 34 at the time I didn't know he was a pit pro so just knowing his my friend, and that he has that status is very fulfilling.

so my members they don't seem to understand at times That I want them to take things " a bit more seriously" then they care to, and when I ask them to do a task for me they get all pissy like children, and I don't think they realize how much stress time, and effort I do for them nor do I think some of them even care as my friends...

Don't get me wrong I love my clan I really do, But I only wish they could do "more" for me as I do for them

Laz: So anything you want to tell the members, viewers before we head out?

Sync: If you want to be pro in brawl pick one main don't make the mistake I did, and go Topsy turvy all over the place I finally landed on marth!

I also want to give some shout outs I am currently in training by lust34 who is pro by the way!, I want to thank my co leader jigmon for helping me along the way, he like a co chairman to me lol

Want to mention my girlfriend who you guys don't get that keeps me sane 100 percent of the time with my members piss me off lol if it wasnt for her I would have given out a lot of " eff yous"oh, and I have a corny little line to end this with " Courage is the magic that turns your dreams into reality"

Don't be afraid to do what you want me I wanna be pro one day, and I'm far from it, But I'll never stop until not only am I pro, But my clan stands at the very top of the smash community

Laz: Thanks again Sync for stopping by, and please enjoy the show Wink, and thanks viewers, readers, and remember! Lust, and Sync are pro!
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Sync's Interview. Because he is too pro. Provided by Laz's podcast, and live stream.
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