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 Long Live AK.

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PostSubject: Long Live AK.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 2:01 pm

Hello everyone, as you may know, I've been absent for a bit. Now, this will now become permanent. You'll hate me at first as you read this, maybe even for the rest of your lives, for some people. But, I'm just some messed up and wrecked Asian kid you'll all remember that played Ike. I have an epic and legitimate John, one of these John's are known as Real Life. Basically, I'm quitting AK, I've realized by the time that this clan had merged, therefore, I had come to the conclusion that I wasn't needed anymore. Don't persuade me to come back here. Now that Raiden has remade the positions of the Mods. I'm now free and able to leave. I've made the choice and now I've left, I'm not coming back, 100% sure from now on. Haou's dead here. AK lives. You needed me for my skills, there are more Ike Mainers out there, move on. Everyone, go back to your daily routines.
Raiden - You're fine without me, realize that keep the clan strong.
Jigmon - Thanks for always being the one who's calm, joking around by banning me with those Swine Flu jokes.
JT - I don't care that you're mad at me. Move on, I'm dead now.
Lazerus - It was nice meeting someone with a great mind.

PS. I've been hearing some bullshit about me being mistaken for some Kairos guy? Hello, there are many people who talk similar to me, so please, just stop, it's a stupid conclusion.
Finally, just read and leave this be.
Don't come after me. LM.
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Long Live AK.
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